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New Visual Identity

On the threshold of a new dynamic projected by the Tropicana club hotel, we made the decision to change the appearance of our logo since 2018.

Indeed, a logo is not eternal, it must be modernized according to the evolution of services and needs.

For Tropicana club, it is also the moment to enter the big leagues with a unique identity.

Our logo is now our first ambassador to international travel agencies and our loyal customers, to convey all our values and to project ourselves into the future.

Logotype of Tropicana Club and SPA

The surprise is that we have not changed the name!

According to the story, the name does not change in any circumstances. And it is precisely because we love our name, who defends what we are today. We are always looking for hope through him ...


Artistic Values :

  • A typography of text inspired by the wings of birds.
  • A memorable lunar form gathering elements of the tropical nature.
  • Two advanced colors: one base color "Orange" and two secondary colors "Yellow" and "Blue".
  • A tropical tree that resembles the letter T for "Tropicana".
  • An arch of a radiant moon that resembles the letter C to designate "Club", grouping all the elements of the tropical nature (sea view, tree, birds).

We believe that the new visual style offers incredible latitude to express feelings of ease, enjoyment and intense pleasure …

In addition, this new style ensures that everyone is represented: age, culture, provenance…

« You'll be so close to Tropicana Club that you'll feel like you're carrying the sea and the land and the trees in a frozen tropical glass with your hand.»

Someone recently told us :

You see the two peaks of the moon?

We answered :

« An open door to the world welcoming people for a memorable and enthusiastic holiday »

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